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Child like

In several European countries, there is a tradition of clapping after the plane lands. I do not know how, why or when this tradition started, and as of late, it seems fewer people are doing it when landing in Ukraine. Friday, as I returned to … [Read more]

What will be your legacy?

Today, through the blessing of technology, I was able to watch the celebration service of a friend who passed away all too soon. I met J in January 1998 as I moved into my tiny apartment on the campus of Southwestern Seminary. He was my … [Read more]

Love God, Love others… reflections from the past year after leaving Donetsk

My world changed on April 14, 2014. I left my apartment early in the morning, just after daylight. I was headed northwest to Dnipropetrovsk and was sure that I would be gone for maybe a couple of weeks when things would settle down. Tears … [Read more]

You are there…

There is a song in Russian that I have grown to love during the last few months. The church I attend in Dnipro sings it often and as I was preparing to teach from Psalm 139 for our retreat, the Lord reminded me of the song (since it is taken from … [Read more]

Where did the time go?

I let a momentous occasion slip by... In February 2005 I began writing this blog. I can't believe that 10 years have gone by. I had just moved to Karaganda, KZ in January 2005 and someone suggested that I write a blog about my experiences. I … [Read more]

My journey (almost) home

Before this past Friday, February 27, the last time I had driven into Dzerzhinsk was April 12, 2014. It was a bit surreal seeing the city sign from a different entrance. This time the weather was much warmer and welcoming, around 50 degrees F. … [Read more]

Getting away

I spent last week in the Carpathian Mountains. It was good to be able to "get away" from all the 24/7 news available. I spent much of one whole day walking the streets of two small villages and praying with my pastor friend, Sasha. We probably … [Read more]

Boldly going blue and gold

Just outside of Oleksandria, along the train route, it stood high above all the village houses. It flew briskly in the wind, proudly identifying the owner’s patriotic stance that they were for Ukraine. The blue and gold of the Ukrainian flag have … [Read more]

The Life of a Displaced Person

There are more than 500,000 people reported displaced due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. I believe this number to be much higher. The last 2 days some friends from Lugansk have been staying with me while they look for an apartment in … [Read more]


I have just completed a move to Dnipropetrovsk. The city sits on the Dniper River that cuts Ukraine in to two halves, and a city where a little over 1 million people call it home. Most, if not all, people are aware of what has transpired in … [Read more]