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The “C” word

I think one of the first things I asked my sister when I woke up from surgery was whether or not I had cancer.  She said yes, and after the words sunk in, I didn't think about it too much more.  It wasn't until the day he released me that I had … [Read more]

The art of waiting…

Patience is definitely an area where I have always struggled.  So, at this moment, while I am waiting to hear back from doctors or clinics, I don't like this struggle as I wait for someone to call. And, yet, God provides little reminders for … [Read more]

Familiar sights, familiar sounds

Last Friday, August 12, I drove to a village near the war front on the west side of Donetsk. As I crossed the border between Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, I pulled over to take this photo. It was somewhat comforting to see, freshly painted in … [Read more]

30 seconds

The street I take out of my apartment area crosses with a major highway in town. Often, if I am going to go to the center of the city, I take a left at the intersection. After moving here, I quickly realized how often cars coming from the direction … [Read more]


When the war broke out in eastern Ukraine, fake bomb reports happened all over the country causing disruptions in many transportation hubs. Eventually, Borispol Airport in Kyiv installed security at every entrance. In my 4 month "exile" there in … [Read more]

Learning to relax

For Christmas, I received a Fitbit watch. It has been a great gift... one that reminds me that I need to move. The last few weeks it has been hard to move as we have had rain often. I have enjoyed being back in an area where I can go for … [Read more]

Life in a country at war

Let me reflect for a moment... My first look into the Ukrainian culture came in February 1994 when I arrived to live in Lugansk (far east UA). I learned much about the culture, life and language that year. I cannot speak with complete authority … [Read more]

When two weeks becomes two years… and counting

This past Saturday, Central Church in Dnipro hosted a children's Easter program for internally displaced (IDP's) kids and their parents/ grandparents. It was encouraging to see so many people attend, but also disheartening at the same time, as it … [Read more]

A life in transition

Not sure where to start. There has been so much I have wanted to say, yet, didn't know if it was time to say it. Recently, as part of a team building exercise, I took an inventory of myself. Reading through the results, I felt that it nailed me … [Read more]

Child like

In several European countries, there is a tradition of clapping after the plane lands. I do not know how, why or when this tradition started, and as of late, it seems fewer people are doing it when landing in Ukraine. Friday, as I returned to … [Read more]