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Of hair, and new experiences

I had a new experience today! I got a haircut at an Express Cuts kiosk near the apartment where I am staying. As you walk in, there is a pay box. At first, I didn't understand what it would be there for, but soon, I discovered that you pay for … [Read more]


The past two days have been difficult for me (maybe this is true of most days currently). I continue to pray for everything to work out and I can return to Donetsk. Yet, I know that I need to think and plan for the future. So, on Wednesday, I … [Read more]

Broken, but not completely shattered

I have hesitated to write much about what has been going on in my personal life of late.  The last few months have definitely been challenging.  Yet, today, I had one of those moments that, I pray the Lord will remind me of in the future, and use … [Read more]

The Cornerstone

This week I am in the Kharkov region with a team from the US.  They are helping a church with a new building. There are many scriptures referring to Jesus as the cornerstone, and even Jesus said, ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become … [Read more]

Life in ….. Ukraine, part 2

It has been 1 1/2 months since I have posted anything.  Many times I have started to write something, yet, I didn't finish the post.  So, for my sake, I would like to continue with some "life" things since my last post which was entitled, "Life in … [Read more]

Life in eastern Ukraine

If you watch any news, you are aware of what has been happening in Ukraine over the last 2-3 months.  Needless to say, much has changed and the future is still unsure. As an expat living in Donetsk for almost 4 years, I have grown to love the … [Read more]

Keep on loving them

More than ten years ago I moved to Kyiv and met lots of young people through Blagodat Church.  Several of them are still good friends to this day.  One young man was an electrician without work.  In December 2003 I invited him to help me with some … [Read more]

Now that was fast!

Purchasing train tickets in Ukraine has not always been this easy... I remember arriving in Ukraine, oh, that's right, 20 years ago this month.  My first train ride was a couple of months later.  We used to purchase our tickets in the old … [Read more]

Lots to celebrate!

Nine years ago I started this blog and today I am celebrating the 1,000 post.  Additionally, it was in February 1994 that I moved to Ukraine the first time.  So much has happened in that time! I started the blog in February 2005 because I had just … [Read more]

Travelin by train

Until February 1994 I had never traveled on a long distance train.  I remember that first train ride from Kyiv to Lugansk.  Tickets were extremely hard to come by, the ride was over 20 hours, and I had to sleep in the upper berth in an open … [Read more]