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On Sunday, January 14, I preached in a church about 1 hour from Dnipro.  It would be the first time there, so I knew I would spend some time telling my story of how I wound up in Ukraine. As I was praying on Saturday, the Lord reminded me of three … [Read more]


How often do I run "ahead" of God's plans? As I read from Genesis 16-17 this morning, that question came to mind.  Abram was 86 years old and his wife was childless.  Yet, when he was 75 years old and still living in Haran, the Lord made a promise … [Read more]


More than 25 years ago I sensed God desiring me to do something different with my life. I had taken a job at the Dallas Times Herald in October 1991, working in their advertising department.  Less than two months later, the owner sold the Times … [Read more]


January 8, 2018  7 a.m. View from the central square in Kharkov, Ukraine I have been here numerous times over the last almost 4 years.  Many of those times have been in the winter, some with snow and temperatures below freezing, some days with … [Read more]


What will my response be when adversity comes? In this morning's Bible reading from Job, Satan was sure that Job would curse God's face if he lost everything.  Yet, after discovering much of what he owned was lost and that his children had died, … [Read more]


During my Bible reading on two of the first three mornings of 2018, I have been impressed by obedience.  One example of lack of obedience and another of full obedience. Oftentimes, my lack of obedience is caused by temptation.  The temptation to … [Read more]


A new year seems to encourage us to cast off old things and start afresh, anew.  2018 is symbolically that for me. This morning I wrote in my journal that I spent much of 2017 recovering from a life-changing cancer surgery, to chemotherapy and … [Read more]

Music Medicine

Through this whole process of learning I had stage IIB pancreatic cancer, surgery, several complications and then enduring chemo and radiation treatments, music has been a constant companion.  One dear friend has been consistently sending me video … [Read more]

25 years

In October 1991 I moved to Irving, Texas.  I had taken a job with the Dallas Times Herald in the advertising department.  Two short months later, I found myself out of a job after the newspaper was bought by the Dallas Morning News.  More than 900 … [Read more]

Speaking of Peace

Peace… where does it come from? How does one get it? When we experience upheaval or chaos in our lives, we can become disengaged with our surroundings.  We can experience shock or disillusionment. What should one do when this happens?  Of … [Read more]