Я люблю баранa и конина!

A number of years ago, several of us from Southwayside BC in Fort Worth traveled to Peidras Negras, Mexico.  We were scoping out some places for us to do some mission work.

On our return trip, we stopped off in San Antonio to have lunch at my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Mi Tierra’s. I fell in love with their food as a college student on a trip to SA in 1983.  Anyway, Cathy wanted to try an “exotic” meat that I had never tried before.  I remember she offered all of us a taste of it, but I cannot remember if I tried it.

Well, since moving to eastern Europe and central Asia, I have had my chance of eating a variety of meats (and other things).  In Kazakhstan, I had some horse meat for the first time in 2006.  I must admit that it wasn’t that tasty.  However, since then I have had multiple opportunities to try horse meat roast and sausage.  The roast is my favorite.

Last Saturday upon arriving back in Karaganda, one Kazakh family invited me over for dinner.  The wife had fixed a large platter of a traditional Kazakh dish translated in English as “Five fingers” meant to be eaten with the fingers.  I didn’t but I sure at lots of the horse meat (конина).

Tonight, I took one Ukrainian friend out to eat shasklik (ke-bab).  He is leaving to return to UA after spending the summer here.  He had never had lamb or sheep (барана).  So, we went to a local restaurant that prepares wonderfully tasty shasklik.  We ordered 2 kebabs of lamb and one of pork.

The lamb was incredibly tasty and tender.  It was some of the best I have ever had.  It’s too bad the US has banned horse meat.  Americans are missing some wonderful meat!