252 million

I just finished watching and listening to Game 6 of the AL Championships.  I got goose bumps again as I watched Alex Rodriguez strike out to end the game and put the Rangers into their first World Series.

I, along with thousands of others, am a long suffering Rangers fan.  I have sat through many games at the old Arlington Stadium and the new Ballpark in Arlington.  Summer games can be brutal.  Temperatures at game time is usually around 100… and sitting in the wrong spot could be even more unbearable.

In 2000, the Rangers signed A Rod.  We listened to him telling us that he wanted to bring a championship to Texas.  Ten years later, he did just that, however, as a Yankee by striking out to end the game.

I loved the poet justice in seeing him get a called strike.  The Rangers suffered much for spending $252 million to bring A-Rod to Texas.  He couldn’t leave town soon enough and years later said that he regretted going to Texas.

It appears that it will be a tough week for me with the games starting at 2:30 or 3 a.m. my time.  But as a fan, it will be worth the loss of sleep.  I love my Rangers and am so thankful (252 million thankful) that they are going to their first World Series.