26 years later

Twenty six years ago almost to the day, I found myself in Kyiv for the first time. It was also my first train ride experience. Tonight I walked through the train station and remembered that crazy day 26 years ago.

There are some things that haven’t changed: the amount of people waiting for trains; some of the kiosks selling last minute supplies, homeless taking a respite from the cold before the police run them out.

I don’t have any photos, however, there are some big changes to the what is called the “south hall” of the train station. Twenty six years ago, the south hall didn’t exist. Now, just meters away, there are 2 new McDonalds, a large supermarket, a huge KFC, plus a large number of restaurants.

When I consider what changes have been made in my life due to living abroad, I realize how blessed I am. God uprooted a boy from a small town (we call them villages here) and moved me across the Atlantic Ocean to a country named Ukraine.

Thanks for being a part of the journey…

5 thoughts on “26 years later

  1. I remember getting Intourist tickets upstairs and a mass of international students mostly from Africa mobbed around the window and after waiting a while, finally a tall man in the crowd lost it when he found out the cashier went on technical break. He started yelling…”I don’t understand what’s so hard, you have somewhere to go and you buy tickets to go there. What’s so hard about that?!…

  2. Debbie: It’s all for His Glory!
    Doug: Those were the days!
    Maya: Kyiv Train Station is beautiful. I enjoyed my stroll through there. However, the south side is now full of restaurants, supermarkets and kiosks! And a new center just opened!

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