30 seconds

The street I take out of my apartment area crosses with a major highway in town. Often, if I am going to go to the center of the city, I take a left at the intersection. After moving here, I quickly realized how often cars coming from the direction of the airport run the red light.

Yesterday, the light had turned green for me to go, and I paused and started to go, I never get in a hurry since pedestrians have the right away as well. As I stepped on the gas, I noticed a car flying down the highway, running the red light. Fortunately, the young man on the side of the road was wise to wait as well and had not stepped out into the roadway.

As I waited for the pedestrians to cross, I watched this vehicle fly on down the road. It caused me to wonder how much life can be changed in not being content to wait 30 seconds for the light to change to green again.

It also caused me to wonder how often I am guilty on not waiting and not being content. How often do I “run” ahead of God because I think my plans are better than His.

I have learned from my experience at this intersection to wait because of the danger of moving to quickly. Almost every time I’m at this intersection, I see cars running the light. So, it is better for me to hesitate 2-5 seconds before moving through the intersection.

What lesson can I learn from this to apply to my life? Sometimes it is better to sit and wait (30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days…) on the Lord’s direction, His prompting, and allow Him to guide me than it is to jump out into the middle of the intersection and discover that I am crossing against the light.