3M: By this all people will know, part 2

Last week I shared some scripture that the Lord has been using in my life recently.  I had not planned to write on this subject again so soon, however, in the last 48 hours, the Lord has vividly shown me His love through others.  This love poured out on me has spurred me to even dwell deeper on what God may be saying to me.

I arrived in Donetsk Saturday afternoon.  Two young people, whom I love like my own, met me at the airport.  Their father needed their vehicle, so they called their cousin (who is a taxi driver) and he brought them to the airport to meet me.  We got to my apartment and they wouldn’t let me pay for the ride.  We walked into my apartment and the sister had already prepared lunch for us!  What a great picture of love!

Sunday, my car wouldn’t start.  Dead battery from all the cold weather!  A couple of brothers tried to help me after church to no avail.  I decided to go buy a new battery.  On the way to find a taxi, I saw my neighbor and after sharing my story, he wanted to help.  He wound up staying with me more than 2 hours in sub-freezing temps!  A great picture of caring for your neighbor.

Eventually, I had to call my mechanic, who happens to be a pastor at the church I attend.  He showed up and after more than an hour of charging my battery, the car finally started.  He insisted that I drive my car to his house so that he could put my battery on a charger overnight.  He, also, spent more than 2 hours in the freezing temps to help and after getting to his house, invited me in to warm up with a cup of coffee.  A great picture of people willing to help.

Do I show love to my neighbors?  Do I show love to my brothers and sisters?  What more can I do to help them see Jesus in me?  May I be ever listening to the Father’s voice so that my actions will fulfill, “by this all people will know…”.