3M: Can’t hear for all the noise

After several months of pain in my left elbow, finally, I went to the doctor two weeks ago.  After doing some preliminary strength tests, he suggested that I have an MRI done.  I agreed and the receptionist at the clinic called and made the appointment.

That MRI was scheduled for today at 12 noon and so I showed up at the clinic a little before 12.  I knew that the diagnostic center was somewhere near the clinic and assumed that we would walk there.  The person who accompanied me walked outside and walked over to one of their ambulances and opened the door for me to get in.  I was somewhat shocked and couldn’t help but laugh as I sat down.

It took all of 3 minutes to drive there and we go out and walked inside the center.  Now, remember, I am doing all this in Russian and the lady asked me several questions and one of them was about implants.  I heard the question but didn’t remember that I have two implants in my mouth until sometime later!

The technician had me empty my pockets and lay down.  She situated my arm so the machine could do its job and rolled me under the machine.  She told me to lay still for 35 minutes!  For some reason, as soon as the machine started making all its noise, my heart rate accelerated.  With each change in the sound, I thought, this will be the last one.

Now, some of you may not know this, but I have ringing in my left ear (since 2005) and that clanging noise of the machine made it really difficult to lay still. Then, I remembered the question, “Do you have any implants?”  Well, it was then that I remembered I had two of them and I began to worry that the machine would pull my two implants right out of my mouth (maybe too many episodes of House?).

I was getting really uncomfortable in the machine and then I just started to pray.  My mouth was dry, my arm was hurting from the position she had to put it in so that they could do the MRI, so I prayed.  Through all the noise around me, a peace came upon me.  My heart rate came down, and before long she came into the room and got me out of the machine.

While I might not have been able to hear for all the noise, I take great comfort in knowing my God heard me, and brought me peace at the right time.