3M: Experiencing God

In the early 90’s Henry Blackaby released a book called, Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.  Without actually going through the course myself, God used this course in other people’s lives that eventually influenced me moving to Lugansk, Ukraine in 1994.

Since then, I have been through the course myself on a couple of occasions and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.  I have also led several groups through the course and, in fact, leading several people through it right now.  It has been great to sit and listen how God is using the course in their lives.

I have been telling the Church planting team in Donetsk about the course for a couple of months.  So it was great for me to hear Dan Upchurch, professor at Kiev Theological Seminary, use the 7 Realities of EG in discussion of Church planting strategies.

I am excited about the things the Lord is doing in my heart and life right now.  Another blessing is seeing God at work in the heart and lives of believers where I live.  Just last night, during a discussion with a young brother who is going through EG, we were able to recall some of the things he is learning in the course and use them to apply to a situation in his life.

That is truly Experiencing God.  How are you experiencing God at the moment?