3M: Explore what is good

Buddy, my puppy, is around 3 months old.  He is gaining his sense of smell and loves to go exploring and putting things into his mouth.  Whenever I catch him, I usually have to take both hands and try to open his mouth to remove whatever is in it.  Sometimes, if it is tasty, he takes a death grip on whatever it is.

I don’t have any children, but I have been around enough babies to know that they do the same thing.  Babies have a unique way of finding even the smallest of things and putting it in the mouth.  Someone usually comes to the rescue and takes whatever the baby has put into its mouth.

One day Buddy had something in his mouth and as soon as he saw that I knew it, he closed his mouth around it.  I put my hands on his mouth and started prying.  He was sort of growling at me so I knew it must be something good!  🙂  Eventually, I won and got the bone out of his mouth.

This caused me to wonder how often I may take something into my mouth, my hands, my mind, my eyes and hold onto it just like Buddy did that bone.  How often has God tried to “pry open” my mouth, my hands, etc to get whatever unhealthy thing I was holding on to, out of my reach?

Just as I want to do what is right for Buddy, God wants the exact same thing for me.  He desires that I love Him with all my mind, heart and soul.  So, the question remains, will I be like Buddy and take a death grip on whatever it is that I am holding or will I allow God to come gently take it from me?