3M: Falling and getting right back up

This morning I was walking down my 2 1/2 flights of stairs to take my dog, Buddy, walking.  I was talking with Buddy when it happened.  Somehow, I missed one of the steps and fell.

I knew that if I landed on Buddy, it would not be a pretty sight, so I kind of tossed him ahead of me, hoping for the best.  I couldn’t really break my fall since I had my hands full.  Buddy survived, whimpering a little before getting up.

I, on the other had, laid on the floor for a while.  My right knee was aching and I was worried.  I have arthritis in both knees and I wasn’t sure that I could even get up.  I was reaching for my cell phone to call one someone when I decided to try to stand up.  By that time, the pain in my right knee was a little sharp.

I was able to get up and after trying to put pressure on my right foot, I realized that I wasn’t hurt too bad, mostly just my pride.  Buddy was just standing there, looking at me and he started to lick my right knee when I realized there was a tad of blood on the knee.

The most interesting thing was how Buddy’s demeanor changed from the moment we fell.  He stood right against me as to say he wouldn’t leave me.  That kind gesture caused me to ponder about other situations we find ourselves in.

How often do I fall in sin and God is right beside me ready to help me back up?  How often does He just stand there, like Buddy did, with a look of deep love in His eyes at that very moment when I fall?  How often am I hesitant to get back up due to the fear to fail again?

As I stood up and walked slowly down the last 2 sections, Buddy was patient not to get ahead.  As we made our way out the door to the courtyard, Buddy didn’t take off running like he tends to do.  He waited to make sure I was ok before hurrying ahead of me.