3M: How Awesome are Your Deeds

Yesterday, I preached in Korsun, a village about 40 km from my apartment.  The church isn’t very large, probably about 15-20 people, but Alexiy, the leader, and his wife, Mila, are doing a great job of trying to reach the people.

The layout of Korsun makes it an extremely long drive through the village with the church built on the edge, a long walk from the center.  Buses do not run often through the village which means that in order to get to the services on Sunday, you probably walk or, if you are fortunate to have a car, you ride.  We actually waited 15 minutes before we started while waiting on the bus to drop people off near the church.

The first preacher spoke from Psalm 66.  In my ESV Bible, it is titled, “How Awesome are Your Deeds.”  The preacher proclaimed that as a believer one must praise the Lord as the Hand of the Lord is upon us.  The psalmist reflects a little on how God brought them out of Egypt by the mighty Hand of God.

Verse 19 proclaims, But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.  How true this is today in my heart!

At the end of the service, Alexiy announced that they were planning to have their children’s camp July 23-28, but they didn’t have enough workers.  We prayed for this need and when I returned home, I sent out a request to my prayer partners.  Several people wrote me last night and this morning telling me they had prayed.  My heart was full this morning reading all of these during my quiet time.

Around 11 a.m. Alexiy called me with great news.  A group of 15 youth from central Ukraine were coming to help.  From what I understand, they were to go somewhere else, but their plans were changed and now they were available to go to Korsun.  Only our God could have made these arrangements.

Then Alexiy shared with me that it created another issue: feeding these young people.  I told him that if God could arrange for 15 young people to come help him, God could provide the sources to feed them.  I fully trust the Lord will provide!

Ps 66 closes with these words from verse 20: “Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!”  Great words of reassurance.  Blessed be God, for His Deeds are awesome!