3M: How much time do you spend?

Last Friday night I spoke to our youth club on the subject of eternity.  Rick Warren says “this life is preparation for the next.”

If, as Rick Warren says, “this life is preparation for the next,” what am I doing to prepare for it?  What can I do to prepare for it?

Every day I live on this earth, my days are filled with choices.  What time to get up in the morning, what to eat, what clothes to wear, along with other more challenging decisions that I face on a regular basis.

Eternity offers only two choices: heaven or hell.  One’s relationship with God on earth will determine his relationship to him in eternity.  When you live in light of eternity, your values change.

I should be giving my best to prepare for eternity for myself and helping others to know about eternity and their own personal decisions they must make in order to prepare.

As I closed my time with the youth, I shared with them that often people ask me how I spend my time.  I enjoy fellowshiping with other Jesus believers.  I love to hear how God is challenging or encouraging His children.

However, I know that I will have eternity to fellowship with believers and therefore I should spend more time investing in the lives of others.  Will you join me?