3M: Humility and greed

So, I was in Kiev last Sunday and heard my former pastor, Vova, preach from 2 Kings 5.  As I listened to him preach, I looked around me.  What I noticed somewhat astounded me!  Many of the people were taking notes!  I know that this may not “shock” many of you as you may see this on a regular basis, however, I don’t recall ever seeing it in Ukraine.

Vova did a great job of expositing 2 Kings and making it relavant for today.  What I took from the message was the humility it finally took for Naaman to do as Elisha told him.  Of course, it took his servant a little prodding to get him to do as Elisha said.

I wonder how often God asks me to do something and I might not hear or listen to him.  Maybe I am too prideful like Naaman.  Maybe I think there is a better way to do it.  But see what happened to Naaman when he did as Elisha told him to do?  He was healed.  His obedience was rewarded.

But look at what happened to Gehazi, Elisha’s servant.  Greed took over in his heart, along with evilness.  And in the end, his deed was repaid.

The two different pictures presented in this chapter should serve as a great lesson for each of us.  How will I respond when I am put in a similar situation?  Will I respond in humility like Naaman or will I respond like Gehazi?  May I always respond with humility leading to obedience.