3M: Just Read It

This is my fourth day being home sick.  It has allowed me to watch a couple of movies, “The Impossible” and a Tyler Perry movie (which wasn’t nearly as funny as the one I watched in Dnipropetrovsk).  I don’t watch a lot of movies as I think most of them are not well done and you invest a couple of hours in them.  The first movie is good, the second one not so good.

The other thing being home has allowed me to do is catch up on some reading.  I try to read a couple of blogs from time to time just to stay informed on what is going on within the SBC or with colleagues.  The latter is always much more insightful, imho.

I was reading some comments from one blog post, where one commentator was advocating that it is not good to read opposing views.  It reminded me of a class I taught in Kazakhstan a number of years ago.  I was teaching students on how to read for research papers and other documents that they would be required to do while studying at the Bible Institute.

I shared with them a story about me while I was studying at seminary and about a particular topic I was to write.  I knew very well where I stood on the subject, however, I felt it was imperative to learn why the other side felt the way they did.  My eyes were really opened to some interestingly wild thinking and caused me to stand even firmer on my position.  However, had I not read their position, I might not have been fully enlightened.

This story caused us to spend the next hour debating this idea.  Most of the students did not see my point of view nor did they agree with me.  It wasn’t my main purpose getting them to agree with me, but I was definitely disturbed that they only wanted to read from their position.  I tried to reason with them to no avail.

I live in a country where “propaganda” is still the norm.  Many people will accept a position just because it seems like the majority of people hold that same position.  But I also wonder about the US.  I see more and more “misinformation,” “distorting the truth” and complete lies being propagated in social media today.

Usually, if I see something that really disturbs me, I can spend a minute or two checking out the facts.  I just wish more people did this.  That is why I try to be very careful about the things I re-post on my social media sites.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t make a mistake, but I will I am sure.

I guess the thing I wish more people would do is to read and think about what they are saying and doing.  In the end, we will be better educated to speak to the facts and spend less time sending out false information.

3 thoughts on “3M: Just Read It

  1. JOE, I totally agree with you that we should study to know exactly what and why we believe a certain thing, then read other viewpoints. This will most always confirm our beliefs.

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