3M: Knowing when to speak or when to remain silent

Recently I finished reading Jeremiah and Lamentations and now reading Ezekiel.  I have read the stories of how God used Jeremiah to be the voice to the Israelites, delivering difficult news to those hearing it.

Last Friday I was discussing an issue with a brother in Christ.  We have a common friend that is involved in an unhealthy relationship for a believer.  I shared with this brother that at times we need to be the voice to share with those in situations such as this brother.

Are those conversations easy?  Of course not.  How was Jeremiah received?  How will we be received?  Truly, it depends on our relationship with the person we want to talk with.

I remember being in a relationship with a woman 20 years ago.  Eventually the Lord revealed to me that we were not to be married and I broke off the engagement.  Interesting that every one of my close friends had been praying for the Lord to reveal this to me.  I wish they would have been bold from the beginning to share their concerns because I can assure you it would have been easier to break off a relationship than and engagement.  After the healing had begun, I told one friend to NEVER hesitate to talk to me if he felt I was making a wrong decision.

Concerning the current situation, I believe the Lord gave me an opportunity to speak to this young man.  Did he receive the news?  He is a smart young man who has seen a lot in his young life.  He took my news well, and this is not the first time he has heard it from me.  He could just tell me to be quiet or say he doesn’t want to hear it.

I feel that every time I see him I need to shine light on his situation before he makes a decision that he can’t change easily or without a lot of hurt.  It does take wisdom in knowing when to speak or when to remain silent.  Also, there is a difference between truly being concerned and meddling.  You will have to discern the difference.  I care about this young man and desire for him to live a life worthy, so that is why I speak.

To balance out this debate, I have another young friend who made some unhealthy decisions during the summer.  I have talked to him about this, but know that he isn’t ready to “receive” what I have to say, so I am trying to be wise in how and when I talk to him.

Ultimately, I believe that the Lord will give us direction if we are willing to listen.