3M: Learning

Recently, I watched a movie.  I know that is a shocker!  I don’t watch a lot of movies.  I have several reasons, but won’t get into them here.

After watching the movie there were several things I took away from it.  One, I was impressed that the director allowed a woman to state she was going to be celibate until marriage because she had become a born again believer.  Two, physical and verbal abuse destroys more families that we probably realize.

Saturday night, several young people gathered in my apartment after playing volleyball.  Three of them grew up in orphanages.  They ranged in ages from 17-22, yet in many ways a couple of them were child-like in their behavior.  They really didn’t know how to act in this type of setting.

After talking with one young lady from church about this yesterday who has been working with orphans many years, my eyes and heart are open to trying to understand the world they live in.  Many of these children do not know how to trust people any longer because of all they have seen, heard and witnessed.

Like the woman in the movie, they need to come to a point in their lives where they have to learn to forgive and try to forget the hurtful past.  But, just like the woman in the movie, it is a process that doesn’t come easy or without, possibly, more hurt.  It is a cycle too many of them have seen and aren’t willing to repeat.

Pray for me to learn to understand their lives so that I may be a light into theirs.