3M: Lord, tell me who am I?

Sunday, March 11 found me in the small town of Selidova.  It is about 40 km from Donetsk.  It was my first time to this town and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Artyom is part of a group studying Experiencing God with me.  He just finished his medical studies from Donestk Medical University and is now doing an internship in a hospital in another city.

Several years ago, his family sold their house and other things and moved to Selidova.  They found a building and purchased it to begin a church in the city.  They turned part of the building into their residence.

Vladimir is Artyom’s dad and is the leader of the church of around 20 members.  Another young man, Igor, who also attends the Exp God  group, desires to help this church.  Igor is one of the first people I met upon moving to Donetsk and I am excited to watch how God wants to use him.

Artyom and his sister led in the praise and worship time.  Vladimer led the church in a time of prayer and then I shared my testimony in how God moved me to Ukraine the first time more than 18 years ago. (I cannot believe that much time has passed!)

After I shared, Vladimir spoke from Genesis 32:24-30.  It is the story of Jacob wrestling and receiving a new name, Israel.  Vladimir had titled his sermon, “Lord, tell me who am I?”

Vladimir preached with great passion that I have rarely seen in this part of the world.  I truly felt the Spirit of the Lord in the place and I was tremendously blessed.  I was reminded that Christ has already been victorious and that I should live my life accordingly.

Who am I?  I am loved by Christ, forgiven by His blood and eternally secure by His resurrection.