3M: Monday Morning Message

As I sat in church on Sunday morning in my usual spot (balcony, first row, hard bench) I knew the format of the service without having the luxury of a bulletin.  A typical Russian Baptist service begins with prayer, a hymn, a choir selection and then the first of 3 sermons.

On this Sunday Zhenya (Eugene) read from Psalm 86 (Russian Bible 85).  I really enjoy listening to him preach.  He has a “preachers voice” that is soothing and yet authoritative.  I pulled out my IPhone to read the text in English and Russian.

The first sermon is usually around 10 minutes so it really doesn’t allow the preacher to go deep.  Eugene read the first 12 verses and was able to exegete a little.  Fortunate for us, he spent most of his time on verse 11:

Teach me your way, O LORD,
that I may walk in your truth;
unite my heart to fear your name.

I have been struggling with several issues in my life recently and, honestly, haven’t cried out to the Lord often enough.  As I was listening to Eugene and reading the English translation, verse 11 jumped out.

How often do I pray for the Lord to “teach me” His ways so that I may walk in His truth?  How ofter have I asked the Lord to “unite my heart” so that I would fear His name?  Not often enough!

As I sat in the service I opened the notes application on my phone and copied this verse and typed in bold letters: TEACH ME LORD.  I consider myself to be a student of life.  I enjoy sitting in the park and just observing people and their interactions with one another.  I need to be the same with the Father.  I need to sit and allow Him to teach me.  I need to yearn to have a united heart so that I will fear the Lord.


4 thoughts on “3M: Monday Morning Message

  1. Awesome stuff, Joe. Was just learning Phillipians 4:29. He will teach you. Question is…will we listen? I pray you and I both will watch and listen and be thankful that He does provide all our needs….and that includes teaching us His ways. Enjoy your week with Jesus, my friend. ttyl

  2. Nancy, thanks for stopping by. Amazing that after 30 + years of being a believer that I still need to cry out to God as a child and say, “Teach me Lord!” But I must and I will.

  3. Enjoyed your post. It’s a great reminder that God continues to grow us, even if we are learning in a different language. This encouraged me to listen harder to hear what God is teaching me, despite my limited language skill in Russian.

  4. Drew, You are so right. I remember sitting in services for the first couple of years before I started understanding more and more. It was frustrating and before the internet in UA, so I didn’t get to hear that many sermons in English. I’m thankful for God enabling me to understand Russian. I will pray for you to be blessed with understanding more and more.
    What may be frustrating for you is that in Kiev (Kyiv), many services are in both Ukrainian and Russian. At least where I live in Donetsk, I have yet to hear a sermon in Ukrainian… songs sometimes yes, but not sermons.

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