3M: Thirsting

Yesterday, our church planting group met for a time of worship.  I thoroughly enjoyed singing praise songs and hearing a great word from Psalm 63: O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you.

David wrote this Psalm during a dark time of fleeing his enemy.  While it was written during such a time, David brings great hope for living with a future confident in knowing God.

Our leader, Sergei, shared 3 truths why people don’t thirst for God.  The first reason could be that a person doesn’t have a regenerated heart.  Secondly, sin in a believer’s life.  Sin closes our eyes to the truth.  Our priorities change and one may not have a desire to be with other believers.  Lastly, sometimes a person doesn’t see the value of thirsting for God.

My heart was greatly challenged by Sergei’s words.  I pray that our group will thirst after God’s heart for the center of Donetsk.  I pray that we will be stirred to move out of our complacency.  I pray we will see what God values in His creation.  Lord, help me thirst for what is important to You.