8 March

Saturday is International Women’s Day.  Never heard of it???  Most of us in the US haven’t.  However, I have been aware of it since 1994 during my first year in Lugansk, Ukraine.

It is a huge holiday in the former Soviet Union (fSU).  It was very evident today.  I went shopping to purchase something mentioned in a post below.  Well, all of the stores were incredibly busy and people were purchasing all kinds of gifts for the women in their lives.

On Thursday I got a kick out of watching some young men looking for IWD cards for girls in their class.  The saleswomen showed them one set of cards for 60 tenge.  The boys responded by saying, “we can spend up to 120 tenge!”  I almost burst out laughing at their response…

Even the traffic was horrible in town today.  There were many traffic jams and wrecks in town.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about this holiday, check it out here.  To send the favorite women in your life an e-card, click here.

Have a wonderful International Women’s Day…