A Big village

Donetsk doesn’t feel like a big city to me.  That’s why I really enjoy living here.  We don’t have the 20 or 30 something story apartment buildings like other cities of over a million.  So, I call Donetsk a big village.

I have had a REALLY busy day today getting ready for the team from AL, who will arrive Tuesday evening.  I got up early this morning and drove the Auchan Supermarket.  It is the largest store of its kind in Donetsk.  I always try to go there early because it can be really busy.  I didn’t think it would be today since it was a holiday.

I filled up the cart and had to wait until the lady checked some of my food before I could finish unloading.  I don’t know how people with large families do it overseas.  I guess they shop 2-3 times a week because our refrigerators aren’t big enough and neither is our storage space.  I have 4 bags in the floor of my kitchen since I don’t have anywhere else to put things in the kitchen!!!

Well, Auchan didn’t have parmesan or any good mozzarela cheeses so I knew I would have to go to another store, but decided to go home, unload the car (took me 3 trips up/down  3 flights of stairs).

While home I went ahead and did some cleaning.  It is amazing that I cannot find someone to come clean/ cook for me.  I even had a pastor ask around.  No luck yet.  So, I am having to plan and prepare all the meals for the team and so am trying to do casseroles and crock pot stuff!

About an hour ago, I decided to go to the other supermarket not far from my house.  I figured that it probably had calmed down enough that it wouldn’t be too busy.  BOY, was I wrong!!  My big village turned into a big city around Park Sherbakova, McDonalds and the supermarket.

I think everyone was there.  First of all, lots of young people were out front drinking and eating and leaving their trash (I feel bad for the supermarket having to clean that mess up!).  I bet they wish they didn’t build so close to the part as well.  The lines to use their toilets was incredible.  I bet there were more than 20 women standing in line!

The supermarket itself was packed as well.  I should have known from the overflowing parking lot not to go in.  But I figured, “Hey, I am here.  Let’s get er done!”  I was able to get everything on my list.  I found the mozzarela and parmesan I like, along with a few other items.  And I actually found a short check line.

Well, I guess it’s okay that my big village was a big city for a while.  It will make me appreciate even more the next time I am at that parking lot and the lot is not as full.

Life’s good…

2 thoughts on “A Big village

  1. Wow, you have a hypermarket! That is cool. I saw that GERC (German company) did the construction. Pretty nice! And it is in Makiivka…that takes me back.

  2. It is definitely the size of a super WalMart. It technically is in Makeevka, however, it is kind of on the border between the two cities. It is built on the “loop” around Donetsk. I would love for them to build one closer to me, but I am sure that won’t happen soon.

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