A funny thing happened on the way to…

I have written on a number of ocassions that I love new adventures (sometimes they happen to find me when I am not looking for them). Wednesday happened to be one of those days.

James and Julie Kim had stored some personal things here in Kiev after they moved to K’stan. They were to arrive in Kiev on Wednesday evening so I picked up the 3 containers from storage so that they would have access to them when they arrived.

At noon I was to meet Valodia (my Kiev pastor) and one friend in order to look at a room they are looking to buy possibly. After our meeting with the owner I wanted to take them to lunch but we had to rearrange the 3 trunks in my car so that one of them could sit in the back seat.

While I was working on this, I noticed 2 police officers get out of their Suburban. They were part of the special forces (they were wearing bullet proof vests and carrying automatics!).

They wanted to look in the trunks. There was only one problem, there were locks on all the trunks and I didn’t have the keys. So, the solution for the police was for me, my friends, the trunks and car to go to their office and wait for keys.

I was trying to reason, argue and do whatever I could to get them to let us go. Nothing worked. One of them kept telling me that he beleived me but he had to see what was in the trunks. I was partly angry because of the intrusion, but I was also wanting to go.

After phoning several people, I finally called my supervisor and he suggested that I tear the locks off so that they could see inside. Well, my friends were able to tear the clasp off and as soon as the police saw what was inside, they said we could go.

Of course, I was a little mad by now, so I began writing down the one officer’s name and his badge number and told him that I was going to contact the US Embassy. Of course, this caused him to write down my friend’s and my info.

When I got home, I called the US Embassy to see what the Ukraine law stated they could do. Of course, their law is similar to the US law which states that things inside your car are your personal things and the police have to have reasonable cause (such as in hot pursuit) or have a court order in order to search your car.

Looking back, I am thankful the officers never got angry or forceful. I guess I will chalk this up to one of my biggest “adventures” thus far in Ukraine. However, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity…