A funny thing happened on the way…

Last Friday, I drove to Kharkov.  It is about a 4 hour drive and I have only made it a few times.  However, those few times have given me insight as to where the police tend to “hide out.”

One such place is a blind corner on the north side of town.  After exiting onto the main highway, one is traveling down a steep downward curve.  Usually, right at the city limit sign there are police there.  They realize that your car is gaining speed coming down the hill and if you aren’t careful, you will be going over 60 kph, which is the speed in town.

Since I do travel on that side of town more frequently, I know that they are often there and have learned not to allow myself to gain speed until I can whether they are parked there.  Sure enough, last Friday morning they were there.

I was not speeding so I didn’t think they would stop me, but the officer stuck out his stick and did pull me over.  I began smiling as soon as I saw who it was.  The officer has pulled me over in the past… not once, but twice before and now he was pulling me over a third time.

As soon as he saw me, he stated, “We have met before, haven’t we” as he smiled.  I told him that yes we have met.  Then, he asked me a few questions about living in Donetsk and then told me to go on.  As he did on the second stop, he didn’t even ask to see my documents.

I laughed as I drove away, thinking about him an the expression he had on his face when he realized it was me.  Now, if only all traffic stops were as pleasant as this one was!