A Great Day in the City

I woke up late this a.m. since I stayed up visiting friends from the US who were returning to Washington state. I had a great visit with them even though it was only 3 1/2 hours.

This morning, the sun was bright when I woke up. I went to wash my face and discovered that my hot water had been turned off. After calling a neighbor, I discovered that the hot water would be off for the usual 2 week cleaning/repairing that is made every summer. I was hoping this would happen after I leave on Sunday for Kstan!!! Oh, well…

After cleaning up in cold water, I got dressed to go to the office. One of my colleagues and buddies, Charles had a birthday on Saturday and I wanted to take him to lunch. So, several other guys and I met and took him to a nice restaurant in one of our city’s finer parks.

After lunch and while walking back to the office, it began to rain a little, however, just enough to get us wet. Half an hour later when I needed to leave the office, the sun was back out and the pavement was dry.

I had to purchase one more train ticket for our group and was fortunate enough to get the ticket in the same wagon as the rest of them. That is a God thing!

My friend. Tolik, and I went to a coffee shop and drank coffee while I helped him with several projects. Later we walked in the park nearby and had a great time visiting and then I helped him some more with a video project he is putting together about a recent journey into the Chornobyl zone. It was some incredible video!

I drove home as the sun continued to shine. A great day in Kyiv!