A life in transition

Not sure where to start. There has been so much I have wanted to say, yet, didn’t know if it was time to say it.

Recently, as part of a team building exercise, I took an inventory of myself. Reading through the results, I felt that it nailed me in so many areas of my life.

One of those “revelations” was that I enjoy writing and should do it more often. However, since being forced to relocate after the war started in Donetsk, I wasn’t sure that I needed to write. I was afraid that I might say something that I would regret or possibly worse…

I need to start recording my words and thoughts, if only for myself!

One morning, as I was making the bed, a thought crossed my mind. I just wanted to go “home” to Donetsk to experience some type of closure. I know that, at this moment, is not even remotely possible.

From time to time, I see pictures from Pushkina Boulevard in Donetsk and memories flood my mind. Pushkina Blvd was a 2 minute walk from my apartment and one of the most beautiful walks in the city. I crossed that street almost daily. Along with youth from Central Church, we had some great times of ministry. I loved to sit on the benches along the blvd and people watch. I learned a lot about the people of Donetsk enjoying life.

As a missionary, I have lived in 3 countries in Eurasia. Each time I moved, it was planned. The move from Donetsk was unplanned, unforeseen and unwanted. Of the cities I have lived in, I truly had grown to love the place. I wrote my supervisor numerous times thanking him for sending me to Donetsk. It was home.

Yet, now, I find myself in a new place, new city. I really like the city and believe that there are even more opportunities to see church growth take place. Plus, it has been fun to learn a new city.

While life may be constantly in transition, my faith in God remains the same. He has been with me through every move and has been the stabilizing force. Scripture has been my friend as well. I’m thankful for what God has taught me through this transition and I pray that my experience will help others who are going through the pain of transition as well.