A new church is born

I went to Pavlodar over the weekend to visit friends and to participate in a new church’s first service. It was great to witness. On Sunday night, a group of about 15 went to visit people and to perform a short Christmas program of about 10-15 minutes. Here are a few photos from that time.

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They had arranged to be at each of the places. In the last apartment we visited lived a woman who was diagnosed with bone cancer about 6 months ago. She is bedridden. Everyone was touched by this woman and most everyone left with tears in their eyes.

On Monday, January 7, (Russian Christmas), Hope Baptist Church had its first official service. It has been more than a year in planning and praying. The Ukrainian missionaries, Roman and Viktoria Gopanchuk, moved to Pavlodar in August 2006. They were featured in an IMB video that can be accessed here.

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These are a few photos from the service: Roman greeting everyone; two young adults sharing in song; congregation singing. There were over 30 people at the first service. Please remember to pray for this family and for Hope Baptist Church.

gopanchuks.jpg gopanchuks-2.jpg

Roman and Viktoria after the service. The second photo is the family (including Timofey) in front of the city New Year tree (they aren’t called Christmas trees here). The tree is located in the city park where they also have numerous ice sculptures.

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  1. Nethery,
    It is super that the Lord has brought this about. They are a wonderful missionary family. Thanks for praying for them!

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