A simple phone call makes it worth while…

I have a friend/student named Peter. He lives in one of the Stan countries (I won’t say which to protect him). After meeting him in May at the institute, I bonded with him like no other student.

I’m not sure why, except his character is such that I could sense his pain for his motherland that is in so much turmoil. Since May, we have been writing each other short notes. That’s about all I can handle in Russian is short notes.

I tried to call him once but he was gone to children’s camp and his grandmother said he would return after August 1. So, after a long day of work I reached home to find an email waiting from Peter.

Of course, I was happy to receive his email, and as I prayed for him, the Lord prompted me to call him. After dailing ALL the numbers required to this country, I had to wait what seemed like 20-30 seconds before there was even a ring.

He answered the phone, but I knew that I couldn’t speak openly about his life, about his ministry, so we spoke in “code.” Such is the life of this brother and other believers in this country in Central Asia.

It was a blessing to hear his voice and he spoke of how abundant they had grapes, apricots, watermelon, and other melons and fruits. He invited me to come there straight away to partake of their harvest. If only I could and if only there was another type of harvest to partake of.

As we said goodbye, it is with hope to see one another again in November while I am in Almaty. If not in Kstan, maybe the Lord would open the door for me to go to his country.

As you pray for me, please pray for Peter and other beleivers of Central Asia. They need your support.