A touch of old Europe

Today I traveled a little east and then north of Kiev to Chernigiv. The dean of the Almaty Bible Institute and his family have been visiting the wife’s family there.

I drove over to spend some time with them before they head back to Kstan tomorrow.

First of all, if you have never been to Ukraine during the summer you have missed out! It is beautiful with color right now. Many shades of greens, browns (wheat, etc), apple and apricot trees…

The drive was magnificent. I lowered the windows of the car and enjoyed the cool breeze blowing in the car and listened to some great praise and worship music.

I have never been to Chernigiv, but I had heard it was a beautiful city. As I drove into the city, I crossed a bridge over a river and at the end of the bridge sat an old Orthodox church. It wasn’t over beautiful as some that I have seen, but it was quaint where it was sitting.

I drove through the town square and immediately was taken by the simple, yet European feel to the city. It was very nice to see. There was a park that runs almost the entire length of the center. The buildings in each block were built right next to each other just like in Germany and The Netherlands.

Later, when Dima, Alla (his wife) and Regina (their daughter) took me on a tour, Alla shared that the city center had been destroyed during World War II and so many of the German prisoners helped build the city back after the war. Therefore the European feel!

I had a great time visiting the city and we even found an authentic Ukrainian souvenir shop where all the stuff is hand made right in the city!

The drive back was equally nice and I got home before it got dark. It was a good day!