A void to fill

I attended a home going on Friday for a tremendous lady. Betty Scherer turned 89 in September and passed away earlier this week.

I first met Betty and her husband, Charles (we all call him Chicks) while I was on staff at Southwayside BC in Fort Worth. She and Chicks love seminary students and right away I was the recipient of their hospitality.

After graduation, they asked me to house sit a couple of times and on a couple of occasions my family stayed there. Before leaving for the mission field, they gave me a key to their home and I was welcome to stay there any time I needed.

I remember several times while staying there, Betty and I would sit out on the back porch after breakfast and she would water her plants and we would talk.

She and Chick have always welcomed me into their home, taken me out to eat, provided me with new dress shirts, socks, ties, etc. They have been tremendously giving toward me. I knew that they did it because they love me.

So, it was with great sadness that I learned she was ill and not expected to live. Fortunately, the Lord allowed me to see Ms. Betty right after arriving home. Last Sunday I spent about an hour with her in the hospital before driving to Wichita Falls.

The funeral message preached by Bill Warren was a fitting tribute to a wonderful lady. The words spoken by Ben Macklin and her son, Charles, were praise worthy of her.

Today I had lunch with Chicks before driving to Dallas. We said our goodbyes and I watched him stand on the front sidewalk just like Betty would do every time I left their house. It wasn’t the same, but it gave me the same warm feeling in my heart.

Ms Betty you will be missed…