A walk in the park

The weekend weather was spectacular for October.  Friday I went for a walk around downtown (center) of the city.  Saturday I walked to the central market and bought several pumpkins (that I then had to carry home!).

On Sunday I decided to take another walk after looking at the forecast (rainy week…).  With the trees changing color, I decided to take my camera with me.  I wish I took it more often, but just forget…

There is a boulevard just a few minutes from my home that the city has done a great job of creating.  Usually when the weather is good, there are hundreds of people walking, sitting and talking, children playing.  Sunday was no different.

There are several restaurants located in the park as well.  I have only eaten at one of them.  I need to take time to eat at some of them, however, they are typically expensive and I eat at home mostly.

I enjoyed walking through the park and taking time to observe some things I might not usually noticed.  Also, I know that I need to get out and take a walk every time the weather is decent because soon it will be cold, snowy and I probably won’t be in the park as often.

You can view all my photos from the walk here.