A world of music in a short walk

Yesterday I posted on Facebook  these words, “Thankful to live near one of the most beautiful boulevards in Ukraine!”  Tonight proved it even more!

I fed my puppy Buddy and we went for a walk.  I don’t have a set path that we take and most of the time I let it flow.  I usually avoid Puskhina Blvd in the evenings as there are too many people out walking and too many distractions for a puppy.  However, after Buddy took care of his business, we strolled over to the blvd.

As I expected the place was packed.  It is Victory Day as so there were even more people out since it is a holiday.  We walked along the fringes of the blvd when I heard some string instruments.  Of course, I had to see who and how many were playing, so we walked to the center of the blvd and found 3 young ladies playing.

I stayed as long a Buddy would allow me.  It seemed like some of their notes bothered his ears, but definitely not mine.

I decided to walk further down the blvd to see if the break dancers were out.  I noticed a huge crowd where they usually set up shop and so I knew they were dancing.  I went to the back side of where they were dancing and watched from one of the benches.  Buddy did such a great job of sitting with me.

Eventually we went and sat directly behind them and Buddy entertained a little girl while her mom watched the dancers.  After they finished a set, I spoke to several of them and found Ruslan, one of the dancers, and spoke with him for a few minutes.  It is interesting how, whenever I come near, many of the dancers will come up and talk with me now.

So, as you can see, I meant what I posted on FB yesterday.  I am thankful to have such a nice blvd so near to my apartment and now that spring/ summer is here I get to enjoy it even more.