When I moved to Kyiv in 2003 to serve with the IMB, I had to take public transportation from one side of the city to the other side every day to attend Russian lessons. It took about one hour and 15 minutes one way.  One of the first words I wanted to learn in Russian was adventure, because, literally, I had an adventure every day!

Yesterday, I had an adventure as well.  I worked all day at home due to the weather, but I had purchased a ticket to go to a Christmas Jazz Concert at 7 p.m.  I was uncertain about going due to the weather, but decided to go since I had spent money for the ticket!

I planned to go to a local mall, pick up a few things, then drive downtown, have dinner and then walk to the concert.  As I was walking to my car after shopping, when I reached into my pocket, I realized that my apartment keys were not in my pocket.  

Well, I realized right away that they probably had fallen out of my pocket at the garage when I took out the garage keys.  However, we had lots of snow during the day that I shoveled the snow before I left and it was really snowing at that moment!

I drove to the garage, looked around, but knew that it would be almost impossible to find them in a heavy snowstorm.  Also, it was now 5:30, dark and I needed to see about getting in my apartment.  I called a service and they were there by 6 and by 6:15 I was in my apartment!

I didn’t have the energy or desire by that time to go to the concert.  During the night the temps rose and by morning, some of the snow had melted.  

I got up and had my quiet time and prayer as usual.  I read Acts 16.  Paul’s desire was to go to Asia, but the Holy Spirit prohibited him.  The end of the chapter sees Paul is jail.  I wrote in my notes: “God changed Paul’s plans so that he could go to jail!”  From there, we read several received Christ!

So, as I began my trek to the garage, I asked the Lord to direct my steps. I didn’t expect to find the keys with so much snow.  I could tell much of the new snow had melted.  As I approached the garage, in the middle of the road were my keys.  They had not been run over by another vehicle.  Just laying there in plain sight for me to find them.  

Well, I cannot express how much gratitude I had in my heart to find these keys.  So, why did it happen?  

I guess I may never know, but I got to speak of God’s love and goodness to two of my neighbors through the situation.  Sasha, the young man who came to open the door, heard the gospel.  The front desk lady got to hear God’s goodness proclaimed.
And my team of co-workers praised the Lord with me!

While I would have enjoyed going to the Christmas Jazz concert, I was able to share the Good News with some people who might not otherwise heard.

I’m glad I learned 15 years ago that to be on mission with the Lord is an adventure!  May it continue…