What will my response be when adversity comes?

In this morning’s Bible reading from Job, Satan was sure that Job would curse God’s face if he lost everything.  Yet, after discovering much of what he owned was lost and that his children had died, it is stated in 1:22, “Throughout all this, Job did not sin or blame God for anything.”

Again, Satan infected Job with terrible boils from his head to his toes.  Job’s wife comments, “are you still holding on to your integrity?” Job replies, “Should we accept only good from God and not adversity?”

Job’s question is a good one for us to consider.  Most of the time, when everything is working as it is and life is “grand,”  many may not even think about God.  However, the moment adversity shows up, God is the first one blamed or questioned.

I remember watching “Facing the Giants” many years ago, and in a pivotal moment in the movie, the lead character, Grant Taylor, decided to praise God even in the difficult times in life.  Of course, in the movies, everything turns out great in the end.

But this is real life.  How will I react when life throws me a curve ball?

In the last week I have met with three Christians who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Each of them have been an encouragement to me.  Each of them have a faith that will see them through, no matter the ending.

My faith in Christ is what will get me through those difficult times. How I respond in adversity will speak much about my integrity and in whom I truly believe in.  Through the good and through the bad (which inevitably will come!), I choose Christ!