After four years and 700 posts…

I started this website in February 2005 during my first time of living in Karaganda.  It now appears that it will be best to discontinue the blog soon.

My role, job and location will be changing in 11 days.  I truly appreciate the thousands of people from all over the world who have stopped by during the last 4 years.  It has been fun for me and hopefully enlightning for you.

If you would like to keep in contact with me and you are not on my email list, please drop me a note at this address: josephragan3 (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment on this post.

Once I am settled in my new location and get a new site up and running, I will let you know.  Of course, the only way I can do that is if I have your email address.  I anticipate writing a couple of more post in the next 11 days so be sure to check back…

11 thoughts on “After four years and 700 posts…

  1. Please keep in contact. I hate to loose a good friend after having not heard from him in so many years.

  2. I’m going to miss keeping up with you this way! I know you already have my email, so I’ll just have to settle for that.

  3. I keep up with you and pray for you often through my friend Buddy Harbin in Grenada. I am a member of First Baptist Church in Grenada.

  4. Hi Joe,
    Glad you are starting your website anew. We’ll be checking in to see how it’s going from time to time. All His best to you in your new endeavors and challenges. Continuing to remember you. Shirley and the ladies of WMU@TABC

  5. Hey Joe,
    It has been a pleasure staying informed about all you activities over the years. God Bless as you continue to serve our Lord.

  6. Joe,

    Good to hear from you and where you are right now. We miss you, and love to hear how things are going. On your website you state that you will be discontinuing this blog? Is this true or has that changed? Just wondering. Always remembering you. Blessings as you endeavor.

    Kimberly K.

  7. I am in Kyiv, but finally moving to Donetsk on Monday. This is an old post from January 2009, so I did discontinue the blog last year while I lived in Georgia…


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