Against them all

While in Ukraine, the president dissolved parliament and called for snap elections in December.  The third election in 3 years for Ukraine.  While speaking to friends about the prospects of a third election in three years, my friends shared with me that they have grown weary of the different parties and all the elections.

One friend told me that the ballots are incredibly long with all the names of the parties.  The last entry on the ballot is intriguing to me.  The last possible choice says, “Against all of them.”  You can actually cast a vote against all the candidates.

Recently, there has been a rash of prominent people in the US announce their choice for US president.  I have been less than enthused by the election this cycle and I live half way around the world.  I can only imagine how people in the US feel about the election.  Too bad we don’t have a protest vote like the Ukrainians.  At this point I would want to vote, “against them all.”

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