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Al Gore is everywhere…

I am planning a trip to the US in November to see my sisters for Thanksgiving. I decided to see what type of prices British Airways had. It would not be convenient since I would need to travel to Almaty to fly from there. Any extra luggage would be a real hassle on the return trip.

Astana really only has Lufthansa and Austrian Air as options. The local Air Astana is a possibility only to Frankfurt and then I would need to change airlines, which creates luggage problems as well.

So, I am looking at the BA site. After telling the site my dates and approving them, it came up with the cost, plus this…

Offset the carbon emissions for these flights

carbon offsetYou can help minimise the impact of your flying by offsetting your carbon emissions. The total carbon emissions from your itinerary are 2.782 tonnes and the cost of offsetting your emissions is $ 82.52.

Your money will go towards UN certified emission reduction projects.

* Please be aware that once your carbon offset contribution is paid, it cannot be refunded.

The total cost to offset these emissions is$ 82.52 *

How is this calculated?

Can you believe this? Now I have the option of paying even more for my ticket by helping to offset the CE from my flight… Thanks for the snow job, Gore…

BTW, I truly believe that we need to take care of this planet that God has created. But giving the UN money to offset my carbon emissions is not any way to do it.
Thanks but no thanks…


  1. Joe, I like your blog. We are Southern Baptists and are missionaries in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil, but not with the IMB or any organization. Most Brazilians have bought into the Al Gore propoganda (mostly because of the liberal media), and many ask us why the US does not care about global warming. It’s ironic because here in Sao Paulo the pollution is pretty bad … the rivers smell, cars & trucks have no emissions controls,…
    Take care and God bless. Check out our blog if you get the chance.

  2. Kevin,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I checked out your site and will be praying for you.

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