Almaty Bible Institute

Last week I had the honor and privilege to teach at the Institute. I was scheduled to teach Baptist History in America. I had done a lot of research on the internet due to not having any text books here.
The students were in the pastoral and missionary departments and came from all over Kazakhstan (K’stan) and Krygyzstan.

It was great to hear from them and how God is using them in various ministries. All of them struggle to survive yet their faith is strong.

One special lady, Halima, came up to me during my first day. She shared with me that she is 56 years old and her husband is 65. She asked me to pray that God would use them to the maximum as their time on earth is minimal due to their age.

I must tell you I was blown away by her faith and desire to serve the Lord. I immediately prayed with her and asked God to grant her desires.

I hope to be able to visit her and other missionaries and pastors as I travel across, around and through K’stan. Also, I hope that I will be able to visit the work in Krygyzstan. It sounds like God is doing a might work there as well.

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