American Culture

The last two nights I have “indulged” myself watching some American TV (at its worst or best depending on one’s view). I have watched the first 4 hours of American Idol.

I must admit that I didn’t watch it for the “good” talent but for those who needed their 15 seconds of fame. And, boy, were there some who had to know they weren’t any good, yet, wanted to be part of the AI experience and tell everyone they knew that they had been on the show.

There were several on the show that had to be doing it out of the shot at fame because they had absolutely no talent to sing. There was one girl who sang a song called, “Don’tcha”. I became familiar with this song in Kyiv since it was on the radio 4-5 times everyday for what seemed like months. I understand it is by a girl group that are all extremely good looking. Well, the girl singing was anything but!

They brought her mom into the audition and everyone had to realize where the girl got her style from as she was almost a carbon copy of her mom.

I wonder what my friends in Ukraine and Kazakhstan would think of this program if they saw it. What do other people think of shows like this. I guess to a degree they like it as they copy many of our most famous (or infamous) show like “Who wants to be a millionaire.”

Now we have shows like “Deal or No Deal” where people’s greed takes over and when they have the opportunity to make lots of money, they say no deal and go home with little or no money.

Fame and fortune, fame and fortune… wasn’t that a tune from Rudolph?