Annual Meeting

Our annual missionary meeting/conference was in Poland again this year. It was great to be able to visit with friends and make a few new friends. The hotel is about 4 hours north of Warsaw. It has a great recreational facility and they are in the process of adding much more. It is situated on a beautiful lake.

One afternoon, when I actually had some free time, my friend Mark and I rented a canoe for an hour and got out into the middle of the lake amongst the sailboats and had a great time. I will post some photos from my trip.

One of the highlights of the meeting is the auction we have every year to raise money for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. The LMCO is vital to our support and it has been supporting missionaries around the world for many years and it named after a missionary that served in China.

The auction is one way we give back to the very source that supports us. Last year our region raised over $50,000, but this year we busted that completely. It was fun to see nativity sets going for $500-1,000 each. One bag of Cheetos sold for $250! I bought a hand carved wooden box for $250 then traded it to a friend who had bought a camera.

The auction was a lot of fun and it was all for a great cause. One beautiful hand carved chess set was purchased by one man for $3,000 and then he turned around and gave it to the family he had overbid. Wow! Oh, by the way, we raised over $77,000 for LMCO this year.