Arab world uprisings

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with a Arab student studying in Donetsk.  He asked me if I have been watching the news from Libya and Bahrain.

I shared with him that I have been watching some of it.  Obviously, he is receiving reports from Libya that are shocking, even to him.  He shared with me that he is hopeful that Qadhafi will leave his post, but is fearful that much bloodshed will flow because Qadhafi is much more ruthless and has far less to gain by leaving peacefully such as Mubarak.

He shared some other things from what he is reading on the internet.  He sounded angry with all that is happening.  He stated that he would like to see all the “dictators in the Arab world” lose power and that a form of democracy will replace these men.  He shared that the time has come for these men who have grabbed power under the name of Islam to end their reign.

He provided me some insight that I don’t get on the TV news and it gave me cause to remember these countries and pray for a peaceful transition to come.  May it so be…