Are American businesses providing less customer service?

On my last trip to the US, I purchased some under garments from Hanes. I have used their products for at least 10 years and have always been extremely pleased with their durability under the conditions here.

However, in the last batch I purchased, every one of the them are coming undone at the seam, and they look worse than the older garments I am still using. So, I decided to write them and let them know.

We have been corresponding via email and I finally got an answer from them today. This is what was said. This is a direct quote from the letter:

“We are not able to ship replacements overseas. We will be happy to send them to the Wichita Falls, Texas address. Please confirm if this is acceptable to you.”

I wrote back and asked them “Please help me understand why you cannot ship them to my international address since that is where I currently reside and use them.”

Has the company gotten so cheap that they can’t spend an extra buck or two to mail them to me overseas?

While I am speaking of customer service… I may have mentioned some months ago about using UPS to ship a package. A friend of mine sent me a package from his home in New Mexico to Fort Worth. The package was shipped overnight and should have arrived before I left to come back to Kyiv in April. However, the package did not arrive on time on Thursday or Friday.

I called UPS and asked them to hold the package on Monday (they weren’t open on Saturday or Sunday) and I would drive to their location Monday a.m. on my way to DFW. When I arrived the package had not been pulled of the truck. Said the truck was too full.

Of course, common sense tells me that you should have pulled the package off the truck before you began loading it, but I guess they don’t use common sense. The dispatcher told me that I could drive back to south Forth Worth and try to locate the driver to get my package, but I didn’t have time since I had an international flight to catch!

I was pretty MAD by this time, so she asked me what she could do to make me a satisfied customer. Well, I told her she could ship it to Ukraine. I gave her my address and I haven’t seen the package since!!!! No one knows where the package is.

I asked the secretary of the church where it was supposed to be sent to ask the driver about the package, and he remembered that the dispatcher was supposed to ship it to Ukraine. Well, I’m happy that he has a great memory, but I still have no package. They haven’t even replaced the contents, or reimbursed us for what has been lost.

I have given up on UPS. I doubt that I will EVER use them again! However, what should I do about the Hanes product? Push to have it sent to me in Ukraine or sent to WF? You be the judge…