Are you a happy person?

This and several others questions were posed to me by a journalist and her cameraman today on the main square in Donetsk.  I tried to defer to not speaking Russian well enough to answer the question, but the journalist did a good job of making me feel comfortable and so I answered her question…

I said I was a very happy person.  She then asked, “what does it take for a person to be happy?”  I bold told her that for me, it is my relationship as a Christian with Jesus Christ.  I didn’t hesitate for even a moment with either statements.

These were the questions posed to me by a journalist on the central square in Donestk this afternoon.  I didn’t hesitate one moment to tell her that I was happy. Then I proceeded to tell her that I was happy because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Then she asked me to list one or two things I will remember about 2010.  I first told her about my moving to Donetsk.  Then I told her that the story of the trapped miners in Chile will be remembered for years to come.  I told her it should be encouraging for people in Donetsk, since we are surrounded by coal mines.

After this, she asked me to state in a couple of words about a hobby that I may have.  I told her I love to invite friends over for tea or coffee and to share life with them.  I said that for me the most important things in life are a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ and to invest time in relationships with others.  This helps fulfill the greatest commandments, to love our Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

As I walked away, I asked what news station they worked for and they told me about a small city about 60 km west of Donetsk.  I doubt they use my answers to their questions, but I hope a seed was planted in their minds about true happiness and where it can only be found!

Are you a happy person?  Where is your happiness found?  In this blessed season of Christmas, I pray we will all reflect on these questions.