I was privileged to be driven by car from Tbilisi to Yerevan.  It is about 5 hours, depending on how long the border crossing takes.

A friend took me to numerous sites on the drive down.  It was a beautiful drive.  Armenia is full of history.  It is several thousands year old.

Khor Virap is an old church situated in a small village off the beaten path.  It was definitely worth the stop…

Lake Sevan is located in the middle of Armenia.  It is a huge lake.  There is a monastary located on a peninsula.  It was beautiful up on the hill overlooking the lake.

I always thought that Mt. Ararat was located in Armenia.  A friend from Yerevan talked about seeing Mt. Ararat from the city.  However, on my trip to Yerevan I learned that it is actually just over the border in modern Turkey.  Near the mountain is an old Armenian Apostolic church.  It provided a spectacular view (albeit hazy) of Ararat…

The third photo shows where people have carved their names, etc into the church’s wall.

View of Ararat through iron work at the church, me with Ararat in the background.  The last photo was taking while I was trying to get another shot.  I happened to notice Ararat in the reflection of the side mirror of the car.

Next we traveled to Garni.  It is a site that dates back to when the Romans exerted influence over the region.

To learn more about Garni, click here.

From there, we traveled down a mountain road.  The road ended right at the Geghard monastery.  It was a beautiful spot.

To learn more about Geghard, click here.

I truly enjoyed my trip to Armenia and count it a privilege.  Wow!  My eyes saw some incredible and historical sights.

2 thoughts on “Armenia

  1. Hi Joe,

    I am glad you got to to see Armenia and Georgia.
    We have been to all of those places. Did you get to go down to the hole in Khor Virap Church? That where they kept Grigor Lusavorich – for 13 years
    he prayed for Armenia in IV cent.
    Did Garik drove you around? How about Travis and Jeanette Havens? Are they still in Yerevan?

    by faith,

    Yuri in Lugansk

  2. Yuri,
    Yes, I did go down into the holes (both of them!). 13 years in a dungeon, only God could sustain a person!
    I did see Garik and their new ministry center, but another friend drove me around. The Havens are not there any longer.
    I thought about you and Don as I was riding around the country. It is beautiful!

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