Arrival of Spring!

According to my calendar, spring arrived today as it always does on March 1.  Even though there is plenty of snow still on the ground and the temps are hovering around freezing, March 1 signals the arrival of spring.

Last year, I remember wearing a jacket till sometime in mid-April.  I sure hope the calendar (and mother nature) are more gracious this year.  I would enjoy spring coming early this year.

However, I can’t really complain about this winter.  Winter showed up kind of late this year and it didn’t get really cold until the end of January.  And, since I was in Budapest much of February, I missed the really cold temps in Donetsk.

Now, the calendar turns to March, my mind begins to think about outdoor activities and being able to do more, so I am hopeful that spring really has sprung and flowers and green grass are just weeks away!  Happy First day of Spring!