Astana…Absolutely Alluring

Wow, they really know how to put on a good show in Astana!  The city was gleaming for its 10th anniversary.  The city and national governments did a good job of showcasing the city.

Last Friday I drove around with some colleagues to see the sites.  First off was a stage set up on Respublica Street.  They were showcasing children singers, dancers, musicians.

The costumes were beautiful.  The girl in the second photo is 8 years old and was an INCREDIBLE singer.  I couldn’t believe that she was 8!!!

Each “state” in Kazakhstan built a fountain in Astana as a “gift” to the city for its birthday.  Here are a few photos from the city…

By far, if I say so, the most beautiful fountain was created and built by the Karaganda region.  Here are a few photos of the fountain in front of the circus building.

We visited a park where lots and lots of yurtas (Kazakh homes) were set up.  We enjoyed the “village” of yurtas and even got up close with a brown eagle!!


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