Baby, it's cold outside

One of the songs on my Ipod right now in the Christmas mix is an old song by Dean Martin named Baby, it’s cold outside.  This evening, I wanted to walk to the mall to get a couple of Christmas gifts for some children that I will see next week.

As I was walking to the mall, on sidewalks covered in ice, the wind began to blow and it was the first time this winter that I really got cold.  By the time I arrived at the mall, I was cold and relieved to be indoors…

I made my way to the children’s toy store, found some toys to buy (mostly puzzles, since the kids are American, speak English and all books, many games and toys are only in Russian or Kazakh) and then went to another store to buy wrapping paper.

Well, guess what, I couldn’t find any wrapping paper, and now I am kicking myself for not bringing some from the states.  Oh well, I put on my earmuffs, gloves, zipped up the coat and got ready for the walk back to the apartment, where it is nice and warm.

When I got home, I checked the temperature outside… -16 c which is around 3 degrees F.  Quite a change from last week when it was around 32… Guess it’s cold outside!

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  1. I hope the children enjoy their gifts after you went to that much trouble. It is cold in OK (15 this AM) but not that cold.

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