Baby, it's cold outside…

Well, Texans typically don’t handle cold weather too well, especially when freezing precipitation is to accompany it.  Yesterday, I needed to pick up some things from the grocery store and overheard a son pleading with his mom to purchase something.  She told him that they were only there to get milk and a few other things… “in case it ices up.”  I had to smile.

After spending several winters in Kazakhstan and Ukraine this weather isn’t bad at all.  The temperature here in Fort Worth is 24 with a wind chill of 11.  The wind chill is closer to what I am used to in Kstan… The temps could fall to -35 there, so this is nothing!

There was a little ice on my car, but nothing too bad and the road wasn’t isy either (where I was driving…), so now we will be below freezing for a couple of days.  I like it!