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Back in Karaganda to find…

that winter arrived, at least for the time being.  Tuesday morning while in Almaty, I checked email.  While doing that I noticed that the weather showed it snowing in Karaganda.  I called my friend, Max, to see if it was really snowing.

He confirmed that it had been snowing all morning.  About an hour later a doctor friend of mine, Vitali, sent me a text message saying it was snowing and -1 cel.  He was checking to see if I had warm clothing.  (Isn’t it great that I have friends who care!!!???)

So, I arrived in Karaganda on the Almaty-Astana train and found it to be quite colder here than in Almaty and that, yes, there was some snow on the ground.  I’m sure it is a sign of things to come.  The forecast calls for us to be in the lower 50’s by the weekend with overnight lows in the 20’s.  Guess our fall was short lived… kind of like our summer…

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