Back in sunny, warm Texas!

I had a glorious time in Ohio! After finishing my speaking engagements in the Dayton area, I rode with a colleague to St. Clairsville, OH (near West Virginia border on I-70). There, my uncle Allen met us and took us to lunch.

Then, he took me up Highway 7 that meanders along the Ohio River to Mingo Junction. It is a nice drive except for all the industry that dots the landscape.

Sunday morning I spoke in Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Steubenville, OH. It is the only SBC church in the area. I had a great time visiting with the people there and it was great getting to know the pastor, Tommy Mills.

That evening I spoke at Kolmont Community Church where numerous family members attend. I have spoke there at least 4 times and have grown to love the pastor, Sam Retzer and his congregation. I always look forward to renewing ties with them.

Over the course of the week, I was able to visit with most of my family there. There are 3 sets of aunts and uncles that live there and each have children living in the area.

My uncle Donald and aunt Esther drove me to Columbus on Thursday and we spent the night at their daughter Cathy’s house. She prepared a wonderful dinner for us and we had a great time sitting at the dinner table visiting. I guess we sat there at least 2 hours and reminded me of the 2-3 hour dinners we have in Ukraine.

It was a short night and I got up the next morning to fly home. The journey took me from Columbus to Reagan airport in DC. After a 2 1/2 hour layover I boarded the plane for the trip back to DFW. Before we left, they held the plane for 1 1/2 hours due to bad weather in Texas.

We took off after the delay (which we stayed on the plane for) and then when we arrived at DFW, it was quite a bumpy ride down to earth. The winds were quite fierce in the upper atmosphere!!!

My friend, Smoky, met me at the airport and then we went out for dinner and then I headed home. The drive to Wichita Falls was slow to Decatur. The rain was coming down so hard at times, it was difficult to see the road.

The next morning I woke up and took my mother out for breakfast. The skies were incredible!
I was reminded again today (Palm Sunday) of the calm after the storm. There is not a cloud in the sky at the moment. Crystal blue with a light wind and 77 degrees. Spring in Texas! It doesn’t get much better than this…